Bare Metal vs The Cloud

January 20, 2016


Only you can decide if the cloud is flipping you the bird.
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How to Structure a .zshrc

January 16, 2016



I often recommend that people “stick this-or-that in their .zshrc.” But what I really mean is to “put this-or-that into the appropriate subfile that makes up a bit of their grander Zsh configuration.” There are some great benefits to piecing apart a single monolithic .zshrc file into individual files.

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The 14-Digit Timestamp, et al

January 14, 2016


The so-called “14-digit timestamp” is turning up in more and more places. For those unfamiliar, it takes the form of:

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Choosing your Everyday Operating System

January 10, 2016
A wise person on some podcast I once heard said something like …​

Linux is a PC OS ported to UNIX, BSD is a UNIX ported to the PC.

Three great operating systems are recommended for growing your programming chops: Arch Linux, Gentoo Linux, and FreeBSD/PC-BSD.

You’re welcome to go with a more mainstream UNIX like Ubuntu or OSX, but these have a tendency to hide lower level OS details; you’ll learn a lot more by choosing one of our recommendations. Your preference for control, speed, licensing, and mainstreamedness will determine your choice. All three are bleeding edge rolling release, highly open, fast, minimalist, configurable via text files, and security conscious. And all have uniquely fantastic package managers.

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CentOS 7 Networking Tools

January 5, 2016


“Networking is an essential part of building wealth.” — Armstrong Williams

The networking toolchain is a bit different on every OS. I’ve been spending enough time on CentOS 7 lately that its specifics are worth recording.

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