I’m always open to hearing about work opportunities. Unfortunately, I’ve found ways to really spoil myself with tools and languages that I love, and have become pretty particular about the tech I’ll work with. However, if your projects are exceptionally interesting, get in touch, even if you don’t meet all the criteria below.

I’m no longer interested in working directly with most mainstream languages, like Python or Ruby (and of course Perl or Java). If you want any of those to be a major part of the work, then I’m working for money more than for happiness, so expect to pay more. Life is too short to work suboptimally in unsatisfying environments. And, I’ll much prefer to work with you if much of your stack is open source.

What I do love to work with are Lisps. I’ve had great experiences and productivity with Clojure. And I’m liking Racket even more these days for its light-weightedness and teachability. If I’m scripting, I’ll get it done with Zsh until I need some sophisticated data structures or more serious design work. Then I’ll gladly progress to Clojure/Racket. I’m open to developing on Node, but it would need to be with ClojureScript or even Livescript (if the PHBs don’t recognize that, call it CoffeeScript), but not straight JS. Elm has good ideas, too, but you’d have to give me a little time to pick it up. I have some experience with OCaml and Haskell, and happy to take them on, too.

I like things to be deployed with Ansible. I’m not too interested in spending time with Puppet or Chef, but not opposed. If I’m designing your infrastructure, it will probably be running the latest CentOS (systemd, firewalld, and other new goodness).

I really enjoy developing on Arch Linux (in Emacs), but I’m also open to Fedora and PC-BSD (which I also run on servers and at home). I like other Linuxes, (Gen)too. I’d be happy to help your whole office get set up and productive on Linux.

I can help you scale your cloud, or even get you out of the cloud onto bare metal and into great data centers. I’ll help you automate and monitor just about anything, whether with a bunch of glue or new, complex (but well-documented) systems. And of course it will be secure!

Although development and sysadmin are my true joys, I also travel, present to customers at their work/webinars/conferences, design marketing material, create screencasts, write blog posts, design offices (with real-time status monitors!), work crazy hours when needed, and play well with others. I can work remotely (on whatever schedule), or ride my bike downtown (Portland, OR) every day. Put me with great people and I’ll stick around for years.

If you’ve made it this far, Wow, great! Get in touch. Learn more about some of my accomplishments and projects on my Stack Overflow Career Page.